If you've always wanted to ask a physics oracle what you get if you sum 'particle' and 'charge', you've come to the right place.

If you'd like to train your own oracle after playing with this website, please head over to this GitHub repository for full access to the code, and some more goodies!

This website hosts an (error-prone!) implementation of a trained Word2Vec encoding on the cond-mat section of the arXiv. The Word2Vec model was trained on all of the arXiv:cond-mat titles since the beginning of (arXiv) time.

If an (internal) error occurs, it is most likely due to one of the words you entered not existing in the model. Please try different variations to be sure. In general

For example, superconductors does not exist, but superconductor does. Instead of 2d, ask for two_dimensional. Also, be aware that 'magnetic field' and 'magnetic_field' are treated differently (notice the underscore!), see below.


Please keep in mind that these are results obtained from titles only. As a result, 'wave + lattice' might not give you 'phonon' as an answer, since typically this relation is not explained in a title. Inlcuding abstracts in the training data may follow later!

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